For many years I struggled in my marriage. I’m pretty black and white when it comes to understandable and achievable advice, so when I was given these three things to do to strengthen my marriage, I simply did them. And they worked!  I know many of you may be struggling in your marriages or are desiring a deeper love with your husband. I love getting to speak with some of you behind the scenes. I was recently asked a very important question about falling out of love with their husband. This topic is very close to my heart and purpose in life to help women in their marriages. Even if you do not consider yourself to be a Christian I encourage you to consider trying the three suggestions below. I know you and your marriage will benefit greatly by implementing them. The question asked was, “I love my husband but am no longer in love with him, help.” Loving our husbands well, as we all know, is harder some days than others. Love is a decision not a feeling. Too many of us get caught up in our daily droning or drama and forget the love we had at first. Our marriage is not about you or your husband, it is a reflection of the relationship between Jesus and the church. We each have a roll in that reflection.  As his bride, the church is to obey and serve God. As our husband Jesus is to love us the church. As a reflection onto our marriage it is a symbol of our relationships we as wives are to obey and serve our husbands even if he is not loving us like we think he should be. We as wives won’t be judged on how well we lead our husbands because that is not our job. We will, however be judged on how well we submit and help him.  The words “submit”, “obey”, and “serve” have such a negative connotation today so really when you boil it down to biblical accountability we are here to be our husband’s helper. If I can learn to raise the white flag first and take “me” and my selfish ambitions and desires and entitlement out of the equation (which is super hard some days) and remember that God blesses me when I fulfill my role as my husband’s helper, then I am golden… God smiles on me.  The following blog posts will help you through a hard season. 

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