When it comes to serving your husband well, it is important to keep your body moving for many reasons. Do you exercise regularly or as often as you’d like? Yes, I know most of us need more movement in our lives, unless you are a gym rat or workout beast! But let’s be real, I know I want to work out, I like it when I do, but I find myself coming up with excuses as to why I can’t. It is too cold outside. It is too hot outside. I am too busy. My (fill in the blank) needs me. I feel too sore. I am too tired. And on and on. Can we stop for a second and remember that every time we DO go out and get moving we always feel much better?

Did you know studies have shown that simply walking 30 minutes per day can drastically improve your health and radically reduce your disease potential? Just 30 minutes per day and you’ll see your mood change for the better. You’ll notice your mind is more active and creative. You’ll sleep more soundly. You’ll detox faster by stimulating your lymphatic system and you’ll see an improvements your cardiovascular health. 

The New England Journal of Medicine in 2002 found that people who walked 30 minutes or more at least 5 days per week had a lower risk of cardiovascular disease by 30%.  According to the American Diabetes Association, walking will lower your blood sugar levels and may also lower the chances of you getting Type 2 Diabetes. Walking will also lower your blood pressure. The University of Boulder Colorado and the University of Tennessee studied the effects of walking regularly and found that it lowered blood pressure in some cases up to 11 points. They also found that regular walking may reduce the risk of stroke by 20% to 40%.

You’ll live longer, feel better, get more done, and have a better mood! There is one downside. You may need to buy some new clothing as you shed a few pounds! Yay!




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