This may be a hard one. As I said in the previous post, men are visual and simple. I read in a helpful book Feminine Appeal and this made me laugh but it is SOOO true. Forget slaving all day over a nice dinner. Most men would be fine with mac-n-cheese or a PB&J sandwich if they knew they were going to get great sex every night. While most marriages eventually tend to decline in the bedroom, I encourage you to step up your game. It is ok to fake it until you make it. It is like the Bible asks us when we don’t feel like being righteous, put Jesus on, we put on a coat of Jesus, we fake it until we make it. 

Husband’s that have sex too few and far between in their marriage are famished. A way to give him visual fun is to give him secret glimpses of you or grab his butt when no one is looking. Be playful. Even if it is not in you to do so. Practice this. It is what he needs and may not be what you need. This is often the most difficult in long-time marriages. At first yes this will draw him in more, but after a while he will not be famished anymore. When he feels and knows he can have you whenever he wants he will calm down a bit. It is important to feed the famished until they are no longer famished. A pastor once shared with me to remember that the sale is ending. In heaven there is no sex. For men sex is important here in this life. Give them what they desire and they will love you for it. You don’t have to be into it like he is, God did not design most of us women to respond to sex that way. But it is OK to go shopping with your husband to his favorite store (you) that will eventually go out of business (there is no sex or marriage in Heaven).

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