Ask him every so often what he needs help with. What would make him happy when he comes home from work or if he is always home what would he like his “castle” to look like? Men are visual so usually it is something small to us but big to him. For Tim, my husband it is things like, don’t have stuff on the stairs, and please don’t have dirty dishes in the sink. I could care less about those things but for him it is important so I know it is an easy way for me to bless him. Some men just want the sock drawer to be neat, others want the bed made, while others just want a foot rub every night, and some may even want great sex. We will dive into that one on the next post.



2 Replies to “Helper”

  1. My husband ask that the kitchen table is cleaned off. It’s a catch all and clutter drives him nuts. As a stay at home mom, I’ve been struggling with PPD. (Give me ALL the Valor) As the day goes by, I realise that I haven’t done anything and I’m still exhausted. I strive to be that 50’s wife in pearls and heels -well at least be able to get a shower that day. I’d love to be enthusiastic about house work and relieve his stress from it. Pray as I overcome this obstacle.


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