Comparison is more than the Thief of Joy, it is the Murderer of Motivation!

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One of my favorite things to do is just sit and listen to the noise of nature. I will sit in my backyard and just be still. I hear God’s creation all around me. I am what is called an over producer. I like to have something to do, but I value the ability to sit and rest. One thing I get asked by my friends is how I get it all done. They will tell me I am busy even when I never said I am busy myself. It is an interesting thing, this concept of productivity. I won’t ever say I am busy as that will set me up to fail. I always say I am a high producer or I am being very productive. 

The problem with being busy is, the more you say you are busy, the more busy you will feel. It is like we all have to say we are busy because if you say something other than how busy you are, then you are not living up to the “ghost standards” that have been mysteriously written by who knows who. We look at what we are doing, and immediately compare it to others around us. Somehow “keeping up with the Jones’” is not the goal, but beating the Jones’ at their own game and then leaving them in the dust, has become the new goal. What in the world? 

I have heard it said, “Comparison is a thief to joy.” May I propose a different option? Comparison is a murderer of motivation. Sure, sometimes comparison can kick you into high gear with competitiveness, but eventually, something will happen, and you won’t measure up, you’ll fail, so you’ll give up, or change direction. Sister, may I give you a bit of encouragement on this topic? God made you perfectly you. I know you know this. But somehow, in some small ways, the enemy seeps into your mind telling you, you’re not good enough, or you will never be able to do that, or any other fill in the blank excuse. 

The best you can be is the best you can be. Think about that. I am the best version of myself that I can be at any given moment. This is not an excuse but a reality. I can look back at recent history and contemplate what days was I better than I was today. With a bit of analysis I can honestly say the days I produce more, provide more help, and serve God best is when I have started with myself.

I do not mean, selfishly start with myself, but realize that if I do not put the oxygen mask on myself first, I will not be able to help anyone else. So many of us feel like everyone needs to come first. That is the nature of us women to some extent. We get ourselves into a bind with this mindset all the time. We become overwhelmed, frustrated, escheated, and often bitter and resentful at those around us wondering why they don’t help us a little more. First off, we never ask for help, because girlfriend, I am just like you and can do it all! But realistically, when I mull over my successful days, it is because I worked hard to set up that success.

Over the next few posts I will cover several areas you can audit to see if you are setting yourself up to succeed or fail. 

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