Humans historically have food therapy issues. Food used to be a sign of royalty and in some countries it still is. Indulging in specific delicacies in our ancestral DNA can become an interesting phenomenon to understand. Certain people groups have cravings for different foods and we can also have a sense of entitlement to specific foods. You might do an extra hard work out and all of the sudden your brain tells you that you deserve desert. Your income suddenly increases and now you feel like you somehow deserve to drink expensive wine simply because you can. 

The reality is, food is fuel. It’s not a feeling, even though eating certain foods are known to release endorphins. The food itself is not a feeling. We attach feeling to it because it is often a social thing. We equate food with love, or joy, or wealth, or any other area you want to add to it. But it is only fuel. We are the only species that eats for pleasure rather than survival. Food is so intertwined into our emotions that we wonder why it’s so hard to be healthy and stay healthy. 

Here’s another reality: food has the ability to drain you of vital energy or empower you with vitality. Food can cause brain fog or brain clarity. It can support a happy mood or it can put your mood in the dumps. The food you eat is actually making you dumber or smarter! While eating clean is hard some days, try to remember that each meal is a new beginning. Some of you may blow it at lunch time and then decide since you blew it, you can keep blowing it until tomorrow. That is poor mindset. When you blow it, just move on right from that moment and decide to do better at the next meal. 

The heartbreaking reality surrounding all of this is that eating the wrong foods may drastically alter the way you interact with your husband. Your temper may be short, your emotions may be all over the place, and sadly, he will not know what hit him! All because you made poor food choices that day.

Your choices are your choices. Choose to be healthy! One thing I do to help me get into the right mindset is to set reminders around my home. I put little post-it notes inside my fridge, in my wallet, on my mirror in my bathroom, on my shower door, pretty much anywhere I will be staring for a while. These notes all say the same thing: “Today I choose to be HEALTHY.” I encourage you to choose this for yourself! Comment below, TODAY I CHOOSE TO BE HEALTHY! Keep that as your personal motto this month and see how your choices start to change.

A good place to start if you don’t know what to eat or how to do better is my Endo180 program. It is free to anyone and can be accessed at

Know Better. Do Better. Be Better!


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  1. O can surely testify of what you’re saying, ever since becoming vegan, my brain has never been more clearer! As for the rest of the body, it feels great!


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