Allow Your Husband to Love on You

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When I think about how this world has changed I feel good and bad. I feel good that women now have rights, but I feel bad when I see a woman emasculate a man by telling him she can get her own door, or that she doesn’t need him to give her complements. We need to allow our men to love us well! It is a God-given command to them.

Something has gotten twisted when a woman honestly can say it doesn’t feel good to be told she looks good. Something is very wrong when a woman gets to the point of pushing away her desire to feel safe and cared for by a man. I understand there may be other issues at play, such as abuse, but even then, a woman has a natural desire to be loved and cared for by her husband.

Even if you do not like it, when your husband gives you a compliment, please say thank you. Don’t get offended or brush off his compliment. If he wants to open your door or love on you in some way, please allow him to. By brushing off a compliment or not allowing him to love on you shows him that you do not respect him or appreciate him. Men need to feel necessary. If they don’t, their spirit can get broken, and you may be headed for a hard future with him.

Care for him by allowing him to care for you!

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